Looking for STI/STDs testing?

Sexually transmitted infections are unfortunately on the rise. According to the CDC, rates for STI/STDs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea have dramatically increased in the past 7 -10 years.

1 in 4 sexually active young women have an STI/STDs such as chlamydia or HPV.

You may not have any symptoms of STI/STDs (pain, vaginal burning or discharge, sores, or flu-like symptoms, for example). That is why it is so important to be tested regularly and whenever you have a new partner. Most infections can be easily treated or managed but can cause serious health issues when left untreated.

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Considering Abortion?

If you are considering abortion, it is especially important to be tested and treated for STI/STDs prior to undergoing a procedure. At Mid Cities Women’s Clinic, we are able to offer limited, confidential, and free STI/STD tests for women who meet the criteria.


We care about the women in our communities. Our goal is to have women walking out of our free STI/STD clinic feeling more encouraged and empowered than they did coming in.


Our services are provided to clients without regard to age, race, income, nationality, religious affiliation, disability, or other arbitrary circumstances. In keeping with our non-profit, pro-woman mission, Mid Cities Women’s Clinic does not provide or refer for abortion services.

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