The adoption process has gone through monumental changes over the years. In the past, it was secretive, surrounded by stigma, and didn’t always benefit the adopted children. It was rare for birth mothers to have relationships with their children after the adoption, even if they wanted to. Today, adoption is focused on ensuring children’s needs are met and birth mothers’ voices are heard! Open adoption has risen in popularity, which means more birth mothers now maintain long-term relationships with their children!     


In this article, we explore this brave and loving decision! Keep reading to learn more about adoption in Texas.

What are the Three Types of Adoption?

Most people assume they’ll never be able to see their child again after the adoption is finalized, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! When placing your child for adoption, you are completely in control of how much contact you have with your child and the adoptive family in the future. Depending on how close you want to be to your child, you can choose open, closed, or semi-open adoption.

What is Open Adoption?

Open adoption[1] allows you to have open communication with your child and the adoptive family–whether through emails and texting, phone and video calls, or in-person visits! Some birth mothers and adoptive families spend special occasions together, such as holidays and birthdays. You’re free to communicate with them in whatever way feels most comfortable!

What is Closed Adoption?

Closed adoption[1] doesn’t allow you to have any contact with the adoptive family. Some women choose this option because they feel the anonymity makes it easier to move on. Others are trying to escape dangerous situations and want their children to grow up in safe environments.


No identifying information is shared between the birth mother and adoptive family, such as names or addresses. However, the adoptive family is provided with a copy of the birth mother’s medical records so they can get the proper care for the child if medical issues arise.

What is Semi-Open Adoption?

Semi-open adoption[1] is similar to open adoption, except all communication is facilitated by the adoption agency. Birth mothers can decide whether they want to stay in touch or distance themselves as time goes on. However, they can still receive updates and pictures from the adoptive family, usually through their account on the adoption agency’s website.

Which Adoption Type Should I Choose?

There’s no “right” type of adoption. What matters is choosing what best fits your unique situation. However, you can change your mind at any time during your pregnancy! For example, you may choose a semi-open adoption in the beginning but later transition into an open adoption to be closer to your child. You can even back out of the adoption if you feel it’s not the right choice for you (we’ll discuss this shortly). You’re in control of your adoption plan every step of the way! 

Can Birth Mothers Choose the Adoptive Parents?

Yes! As the birth mother, you can personally select the adoptive parents. Your adoption agency may provide profiles of potential families for you to search through. You can choose a family based on:


  • Their hobbies, lifestyle, and personality traits
  • Their religious beliefs
  • Their race
  • Where they live* 
  • What they do for work*
  • How many children they have or plan to have 


Once you’ve been matched with an adoptive family, they are required to complete a home study to evaluate their financial stability, parenting skills, and readiness to bring a child into their home. This ensures that the child is placed in a safe and loving family that can best meet their needs!


*Note that this information will not be available to you if you’ve chosen a closed adoption.

Do Birth Mothers Receive Financial Aid? 

To support you through the adoption process, the adoptive family or adoption agency may cover some of your expenses! Examples include: 


  • Maternity clothing
  • Food
  • Utilities
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Attorney or social work services 
  • Mental health and medical services


The exact amount paid for your expenses is limited to what’s considered “reasonable and customary”[2]. Your adoption professional can help you determine the financial aid you qualify for!

Can I Change My Mind About the Adoption?

As mentioned earlier, you can change your mind about the adoption if you feel it’s not the right choice for you! You can back out of the adoption at any time during your pregnancy, even if you’ve already selected the adoptive parents. After the child is born, you’ll have 10 days[3] to decide whether or not you want to complete the adoption. 


Your adoption agency should speak to you about the revocation period at the start of the adoption process. If you think you might want to cancel the adoption later on, reach out to your caseworker! They will keep you informed about your rights as the birth mother and help you move forward. 

Free Adoption Resources in Euless, TX

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