Adoption in Texas

Adoption is a selfless and sometimes difficult road. But, you don’t have to walk it alone. Mid Cities Women’s Clinic is here to support you each step of the way, by providing information about adoption options, agencies, and help clarify the myths associated with today’s modern adoption styles! We can help assist you in creating a plan for adoption and educate you on your rights as the birth parent.

To consider whether adoption is right for you, start by asking some questions.

What are the Different Types of Adoption?

What is Open Adoption?

In an open adoption, the birth mother and adoptive family have some personal interaction based on a written agreement. The parties can contact each other directly without the mediation of the adoption agency. 

What is a Semi-Open Adoption?

In a semi-open adoption, the birth mother and adoptive family can maintain contact with each other after the adoption is finalized. They send pictures and letters to each other on a set schedule. Communication is managed by the adoption agency. 

What is a Closed Adoption?

In a closed open adoption, the adoptive family receives only the medical and social history of each birth parent and their family. The birth mother can select the adoptive family based on non-identifying profiles, but is not expected to communicate with them.  

Do I Get to Choose the Adoptive Parents?

Yes! As the birth mother, you decide what you’re looking for in a family for your child. You can narrow it down to race, values, religion, and even personality traits! 

How Long Does the Birth Mother Have to Change Her Mind?

In Texas, birth mothers have 10 days to change their minds about the adoption after the child is born[1].

Start Your Adoption Journey in Fort Worth, TX

Giving your unborn child a future filled with love and happiness is a brave and selfless act. Our compassionate team is here to answer your questions and give you the support you deserve, so you can make an empowered choice for your unplanned pregnancy!

If you would like to know more about adoption in Texas, call us at (817) 577-4387, text us at (817) 512-8572, or schedule your appointment online. All services are free and confidential! 


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