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For Family

If you are visiting this site, you’ve likely experienced more or less the shock of your daughter, granddaughter, niece or relative confiding an unintended pregnancy situation. While many emotions may follow as she makes her pregnancy decision, you are in a position to make a difference in her life. As she works through the situation, your support will be an important factor in her ability to reason clearly and make the best choice.

Encourage her in her dreams – an unplanned pregnancy does not mean the end of her career or education, even if those look different than before. As you research her options, remind her she does not have to face this situation alone.

Our clinic is here to help your family with the resources you need, including excellent medical care. Because her health is a top priority, encourage her to consult with one our medical professionals and receive a complimentary ultrasound. It will give her the information she needs to make healthy decisions, even in a difficult time.

Support her, Encourage her, Make her health a priority

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