It can be incredibly scary finding out you’re pregnant while you’re in school. Maybe you’re wondering what your family and friends will say. Or maybe now is not the time. Maybe this isn’t your first scare. Well, you’re not alone. Do you know that over 2 million college-aged American women (ages 18-24) become pregnant each year?!

If you find yourself one in a sea of two million, we want to let you know we are here for YOU!

At Mid Cities Women’s Clinic, we offer Complimentary Consultation, hospital-grade Pregnancy Tests, STI testing and Ultrasounds.

Why a Consultation?

According to the Contraception Journal, “Counseling must first emphasize early pregnancy options to ensure that a woman is certain about her decision.”

The first step you should take is to book a session with one of our trained patient advocates. During this confidential session, your patient advocate will listen to your situation as you determine what pregnancy options are possibilities for you. She will gain an understanding of your concerns and provide you with thorough unbiased facts on all the options you want to learn more about.

I’ve Already Taken a Pregnancy Test, Why Do I Need Another One?

Because we offer a hospital-grade pregnancy test manufactured by McKesson. This pregnancy test can detect pregnancy as early as 7 to 10 days after conception, with greater than 99% accuracy.

What’s the Need for an Ultrasound?

Did you know that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage? Did you also know there is a chance you could have an Ectopic Pregnancy which can be detrimental to a woman’s health? The Contraception Journal states, “before a medical abortion is performed, gestational age should be confirmed by clinical evaluation or ultrasound examination.” An ultrasound can help determine if your body is preparing for a miscarriage or decipher if you have an ectopic pregnancy.

What’s the Cost?

All of our services are free and confidential. It is our goal to create a safe place for you to discuss your options and find the help you need when you need it.

How Do I Get These Services? Call us at 817-577-4387 to schedule your appointment. Or you can book an appointment HERE!

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