When you found out you were pregnant, there were probably a lot of thoughts running through your head, raw escalated emotions flying by as you wrap your mind around the fact that your pregnancy test is indeed – positive. This was not your plan, we understand.

We want to encourage you. You have options and you have time. Mid Cities Women’s Clinic is here to help make your next steps easier. You might be asking yourself these questions:

  1. What should I do when I first find out I’m pregnant?

Contact Mid Cities Women’s Clinic and make an appointment. We can help. Mid Cities has been serving women of all ages since 1984, over 35 years! We have provided professional women’s services to more than 73,000 patients making unplanned pregnancy decisions.

All our services are free and completely confidential. Our goal is to strengthen you in the decision-making process – we are here to answer your questions with facts and compassion. We will never judge you, profit from your choice, or pressure you into any decision.

2. How soon should I visit a doctor?

In every step of the way, our team specializes in unplanned pregnancy. Our clinic is a comfortable, professional environment, and you will be treated with the utmost care and respect. When you visit Mid Cities Women’s Clinic, here are the services we will first make available to you:

    • If you are still doubting whether you are pregnant, we can offer you a free pregnancy test.
    • After a positive pregnancy test result, the only way to be 100% sure you have a pregnancy that is progressing is to have an ultrasound. For patients who qualify, we offer this complimentary, state-of-the-art ultrasound exam performed by one of our licensed medical personnel.
    • To discuss your results and all of your options, you will receive a session with one of our trained patient advocates. During this confidential session, your patient advocate will listen to your situation as you determine what pregnancy options are possibilities for you. She will gain an understanding of your concerns and provide you with thorough facts on all the options you want to learn more about.
    • We also offer free limited STI/STD testing and can provide orders to get treatment.

3. Do my parents have to know for me to be seen if I am a minor?

We know you probably have a lot of questions and we recognize that you may not be ready to share the news or your decision with your parents or other loved ones.

At Mid Cities Women’s Clinic, we believe that you need a safe place to get facts, services, and your questions answered in a private pressure-free and judgment-free medical environment. You deserve to make an informed and confident decision regarding your unplanned pregnancy. We are here to help you. Call or Text us today to schedule your appointment.

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